Wednesday, June 20, 2007

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I just discovered that I have not written anything here for almost three weeks! Shame on you, Iris! Well I may protest and say that I actually did do some designs which I cannot post for now. But alas, the Indigo Flowers vest is still miles away from finishing, although 20 hrs was the projected knitting time and still is.

The good thing is that I cleaned up a small room on the first floor and started to call it my studio. Beautiful tall trees covered with dark green vines aren't bad to look at, and to watch red squirrels running back and forth on wires is surely entertaining.

Do you want to see what color palette I am into this week?
Baby Kid, my favorite aran weight mohair, silky and warm.

They do shed though. Leopard and I went to a friend's wedding recently and I was wearing a shrug made with this yarn to cover my bare shoulders. Two hours later, Leopard looked like a silver fox!

Three balls of Belle, a 100% silk DK weight:

Well, are these really a proper winter palette? Personally, I can pull it off only with some shocking red accessories. Otherwise I'd get frozen just by looking at them!

Oh I almost forgot to mention that my Malabrigo gloves appeared on CRAFT magazine blog earlier this month. Guess I don't need to say that I'm a little thrilled? I frequent their blog to see their newly added cool pattern links. These people have an eye for fresh and whimsical ideas!


Anonymous said...

Well Congratulations--The gloves are fabulous...I really like the colors you chose. What an ideal place for your desk--desk with a view--A work room is the BEST--A room of your own--it doesn't get better than that...I turned my entire living room in to a Studio, but I can do that because I live alone and my second bedroom is a TV/knitting room...Looks like we are both lucky--

Jackie said...

Iris, Congrats on the gloves and they are lovely. You do have a very nice studio and it's so inspiring to look out a window like that. Enjoy.

JL said...

How i wish i can have a nice, cozy studio, relaxing, have a cuppa, knitting away in Emi Fujita's songs.

Micky said...

Lots of beautiful projects going on here.
Thanks for the nice comments.
In the next few days I should have another post where I will tell what the project is.

Probably Jane said...

Congratulations on the gloves - they are really pretty.

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