Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Glove and a Swatch

Nope, the vest hasn't become a FO yet! The good news is that I'm half way through the back, and the bad news is that I don't have a picture of the WIP. You know, a lacy piece has to be blocked to look smart ;-).

I received my first order from ColourMart last week. I'll just say that all the good things I've heard about them are true; it took less than a week for my cone to arrive, and the yarn is gorgeous.

I got 150 grams of 2/28 silk in a crisp and clean color named Sky.

The funny thing is that I don't know what to make with it so I just played with it a bit. To my satisfaction, it didn't pill or snag at all even after several rounds of knitting and frogging.
Here's a tiny piece, knitted on size 3 needles and blocked. The purple yarn is Zephyr--you can see how thin the silk is.

Here's another(!) fingerless glove. I'm making a pair for a non-knitting friend, and I'm sure she's not reading my blog ;-).

Because I used size 3 needles and a fingering yarn--it's Elann Baby Silk, the lace doesn't look as lacy . No problem, I'll cover the lace with glass beads!

What I liked most about this glove is the new bind-off method I used. You just have to check it out here. Thank you Fleegle! The finished cuff looks relaxed and sort of nubby (like picots), and the method, as Fleegle has suggested, is easy to remember--it's a combination of K2tog through back loop and K through back loop.

And have you seen this beautiful Pencil Sketch WIP? Mine was merely a stash-busting project, and this one is a beautiful piece of art!

Finally, thank you my friends and readers--your comments always make me smile or blush ;-)!


opportunityknits said...

The silky sky is such a gorgeous yarn.

soknitpicky said...

That yarn looks so beautiful! And thanks for the heads-up about that vendor--I hadn't heard of them before

Connie said...

Beautiful color on that silk colourmart yarn! And it's neat to see another pencil sketch. I have yet to see anyone make something out of my patterns. I've seen one Tori vest, but that's about it so far!

Octopus Knits said...

Ooo, the silk is lovely -- as is your glove!
(and, stop! you're making me blush!)

fleegle said...

I just bought the same silk in the purple iris color :) I haven't decided what to do with it yet either. I do like that tree you showed in the later post...hmm.

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