Thursday, May 3, 2007

Feeling Crafty

Have you noticed that I finally have an avatar? A kingfisher, that is. Entirely hand sewn. By me!

I believe it's the weather. Spring has finally arrived in my little town, the air infused with sweet, sweet acacia scent. Birds are singing everywhere, and look like they are taking their time enjoying the breeze and the sunshine. Daytime gets longer-- a bit more time for me to knit and sew. Lovely.

Kingfisher is among my favorite bird species. Joyful, swift, smart, and look at their shiny colorful outfits! What I particularly like is that they decorate the interior of their nests with fish bones selected from their dinner table; they must be so proud of themselves.

Here, K is resting himself in the shade of the needle holder.

Birds' talk:

The Lord of the Eagles: "What is finer than flying?"

K: "Why, fishing!"

Beware my friends, more sewing-related stuff, especially FOs, might be coming!

Now back to knitting. Now and then I take a look at the number of downloads of my Malabrigo gloves pattern. Although I haven't received any feedback yet, I'm glad to see the number rising. Recently I also have done a design for Hand Jive Knits, in Darlene's beautiful merino fingering yarn.

So, in the mood for designing and knitting gloves, I started this:

This is one of those knits that have a name far before they are finished. Water Lily for one, and Water Lilies for a pair. Petals, color, crystal beads. Mood.

I used to think that there is no such thing as "the photo doesn't do it justice"; now I have to buy it. Well over thirty shots, and the glistening crystals are all laughing at me... I give up, Water Lily!


Connie said...

Congrats on the design work, Iris. It's fun designing for smaller yarn companies. Lovely gloves in progress too. What yarn are you using for that?

Iris G said...

It's Zephyr... They should behave well as indoor gloves (i.e. gently used). My last pair had been worn through a whole winter and pilled crazily, but they were soft as tissue so I still kept them.

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