Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Two UFOs

I just realized that it's been a while since I talked about the UFOs in the house. There are actually quite a few, but, like Macavity, they tend to be very mysterious--

But I tell you once and once again,
Macavity's not there!

[Macavity is my all time favorite from the famous book. I've always wanted to sew one for myself. Someday it shall be done.]

The truth is, I have a huge grey tank and several dark-colored boxes hidden in my attic...where the UFOs live undisturbed. But, alas, every time I visit my LYSs, or go online shopping, I sense their presence and wrath and can't help feeling a bit uneasy.

The first UFO should have become a bolero, had my fervor not burned out before all the seams were sewn.

The yarn used were Rowan Calmer and Classic Elite Patina. Like everyone else, I adore Calmer. Patina, on the other hand, is a so-so summer yarn which splits.

Now that I become a brand-new member of Create Along, I have a good reason to resurrect this beautiful yarn. I can enjoy the tactile pleasure of knitting with Calmer once again.

Sketches and progress will be posted both here and at the CAL, so stay tuned ;-)!

The other UFO is merely two days old. I once bought a ball of Lenox from WEBS, when it first came out. It's baby alpaca soft, but I cannot say I am a big fan of alpaca. Then a couple of days ago, I picked it up for a quick bedtime project, thinking that maybe I should design a pair of beginner mittens, knitted on two straight needles with minimum skill requirements.

My plan was to start with a lacy edging which then becomes a rib pattern. And the two mitts should be identical, like EZ's Norwegian Mitts. I even named them Latte. [Is this crazy? I name most of my knits!]

It did not work out...

Help please, I really need some help. Now it doesn't look right to me, with all these ribs going up and looking bulky--not in a cozy way. What changes do you think could rescue it?

Thank you in advance--I appreciate your help, or just any opinions on this UFO.



Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog through create along and I just love it! I am a fairly new knitter, so I just love to see what more experienced knitters make and create, keep up the great projects! Char.

Connie said...

I know exactly what you mean about UFOs. They cause me quite a bit of guilt and stress too, but I try to think of knitting as a process and as long as I'm deriving enjoyment from the process, it's not always necessary to get a FO out of it, right? ;)

As far as the latte mitts go, maybe you can do a variation of a rib, like an eyelet rib or a 1x4 rib so it won't look as chunky, but still give you the rib effect?

Iris G said...

I definitely have to try a lighter rib, thank you Connie! The reason why I did the rib was to add ease (one size fits all).

I'll do my best ;-)

Regg said...

nice blog!
I have more UFO then u!
keep it up~

JL said...

Love Calmer too.

It is better to have UFOs instead of none, rite ?

Connie said...

Hi Iris, thanks for your nice comments on my blog. I have the UFO's in plain sight (mostly) and they growl at me as I pass them by for the yarn stash. I have recently started frogging some completely. For your lovely mitts, though, you could try a twisted rib - I think it looks nice and it lies a little flatter.

Tami said...

Hiya Iris,
I have just recently started to write down my designs and putting them on my blog. I love the way you explain your designing process. I have quite a few UFO's too (a sweater for one of my girls) but it's a winter aran so I left it to start making some summer tops for the girls n the grandbaby. (gonna have another one coming in bout 7 months).
Do you have any advice for budding knitwear designers?

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