Saturday, April 28, 2007

New yarns, new tests

Today I jumped and hopped to my mailbox to get these:

Zephyr lace weight, clockwise from the top: Mushroom, Lilac, Pewter, and Violet. I love the soft pastel hues--Lilac and Violet, always chic for spring and summer. Although there is a deceivingly cool tone in this shot, there are actually two warm colors and two cool ones here.

And sweet Sarah included these sample skeins in the package:

Clockwise from the top: lace weight naturally dyed linen, kid mohair silk, spun silk. The little one perching on the top is cashmere/silk 2 ply. Must find time to swatch them...

No, the Zephyr skeins are not for shawls. Somehow I am not into shawl knitting, and have only made a couple as gifts for family members. Nevertheless, I enjoy gasping at how beautiful and intricate other knitters' shawls are. Well I did make a lacy scarf in Zephyr a while ago and Kerrie accepted it for the now canceled April '07 issue. Don't know when it will come out ;-).

Coming back to Zephyr. I want to try them on big needles for draping tests. If you have looked at the spring/summer runways, you'd know what I'm talking about. So many romantic pieces that it almost broke my heart. Look at the palettes from LV , all soft pastels and lovely neutrals. Oh and did you see Rowan Studio 4? They are pursuing the drapy look too, in neutral colors. Their Iras has an attractive back (which I sketched, see the photo below), but the front is way too boring...

Zephyr has a fuzzy surface (due to the short length of Tussah silk fibers) and pills, but that's OK. The slightly worn look will give an "airbrushed" effect. The finished fabric won't look like chiffon or linen, but there is no plan to copy the texture in the first place. I want the color, I want the drape.

I'm satisfied with the trial run.

Many more trial runs await me, but for now I'm going to the park to play with the swans, wild geese and ducks. What a beautiful day!

I'm about to make a free pattern for Pencil Sketch. Since this a close-fit knit, there is a lot of calculation and proof-reading and will take a while. If you are interested, please tell me what size range you want to see, plus any modifications that you fancy. I thank you for your input sincerely.


Octopus Knits said...

Hi, Iris -- I would be interested in the pattern. I usually wear a size small or medium (34" bust).

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