Sunday, April 1, 2007

Something about me and my knitting

This is my first post, and this blog would be mainly about my hobby: knitting!

Well, some random stuff might creep in here now and then, let's wait and see.

Like most other knitters, I picked up needles when I was little, learned how to knit, turned away, did not come back until I started working. At first it was mainly for de-stressing and gift making, then it became a pleasure.

I started writing patterns quite recently, for sometimes there can be an urge to share with other knitters something beautiful to me. My designs are usually based on a theme, be it an ancient poem, a delicate flower, a fractal, or simply a pretty yarn. I always try to make it simple, comfortable, and elegant, but the results may vary...

Let's begin,



Denise said...


I'm fascinated by the idea of knitting blogs-- my knitting is not so exciting, so it's a challenge to write about it.

but I'm glad you're doing it.

and I want the white gloves with the blue stripes AND the knowhow to construct them.

Probably Jane said...

Hi Iris

I only started my blog a couple of weeks ago so we are almost blog twins! I love your work - you are clearly a lot more prolific than me. I must remember to pop by every now and then to see how my 'twin' is doing.

JL said...

Hi Hi,

Me too have the blogging "virus" lately.

Can we share tis "virus" together ?

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