Sunday, August 5, 2007

An Award and a Meme

One of my fellow bloggers, the very talented Octopus Knits, sent me a pink badge:

Thanks, dear! Oh and please say Hi to Moana and Bug for me!

And I would like to pass this award on to these Rockin' Girl KnitBloggers (in alphabetical order):



Don't worry folks, this is not a Meme! I guess you can just grab the badge and proudly display it ;-) on your wonderful blogs; you deserve it.

Then it's the Meme--I was tagged by Connie, who also kindly suggested that I start the random facts with my favorite food.

1. My favorite dessert has to be creme brulee; when buying coffee I'd always ask for whipped cream ("as much as possible please"); never used vegetable oil when baking a cake--Now, is it clear that I love cream?

2. In high school, I kept a monkey and a wild bat as my pets. Both were astonishingly affectionate little creatures, especially the monkey, who would never go to sleep without holding my fingers in her little hands.

3. I learned quite a few bird songs from my father when I was little. After all these years, I still enjoying talking to birds--such as cardinals--and irritating them. A typical dispute goes something like this:

Cardinal: Singing beautifully.
Me: Mimicking.
Cardinal(sees me): Who are you?
Me: This is my territory!
Cardinal: No it's mine!
Me: Mine! Mine!
Cardinal: Go away!
Me: Mine! Go away!

Then, in most cases, the angry bird flies away.

4. On most mornings, I wake up without remembering where I am or who I am.

5. Like Remy in Ratatouille, I have a very good sense of smell (and taste). For instance, I usually can tell which spices have been used in a dish by smelling it. If I am allowed to try a little, a reproduction will later appear in my little kitchen. Many of my friends can attest to this.

6. My favorite flowers: lotus in summer and plum flowers in winter.

7. I plan to establish a foundation (many years from now of course) to collect and compile folk songs.

8. I made a few buttons using grosgrain ribbons yesterday--do you think they'd go with Indigo Flowers, or shall I use a ribbon closure?

Here's a pair:

Ribbon closure:

What do you say?
An answer to Fleegle's question:

I saved the baby bat from a (slowly) coming car and took him home, made a nest for him and fed him with milk. He tried to bite everybody but me. Later when he had grown up, he chose to stay with us (going out in the evening, coming back in the morning, like a tomcat;-)).
Maryse, I'm sorry that I have no answer--I myself had been wondering about that over the years.


Sarah-Hope said...

For what it's worth, I say ribbons. The buttons are gorgeous and must be used soon--but I think they won't show up to advantage against the lace front of the vest.

fleegle said...

The buttons add a sophisticated, elegant, and charming touch. Please use them!

Thanks for my award! fleegle blushes!

And, um, exactly how does a bat display affection?

Sandy said...

The buttons are pretty... but the ribbon is *stunning*. Go ribbons!

Just call me Ruby said...

I say ribbons too. They suit the delicacy of the garment.

Thank you for my award too! I'm giddy with excitement. I have a bat story for my meme too but you'll have to wait till tomorrow for it.

I love the idea about style tips with patterns; its not something I'ld ever thought of. You're a clever girl, Iris

Octopus Knits said...

Mmm... cream! I think the ribbon closure is simple and perfect.

opportunityknits said...

Thanks Iris! I'm so thrilled, even though I'm probably too old to rock :)
And I wish you could come with me (I'll treat you to lunch) and taste this yummy garlicky salad dressing at the cafe in Kinokuniya and tell me how to make lots of it at home!

maryse said...

aww i wanted a monkey when i was a kid. what kind of monkey was it?

Just call me Ruby said...

hi Iris

Sorry for getting confused over the meme - teach me to read too quickly!

What an incredible number of coincidences between us though.