Thursday, August 9, 2007


I guess it's just a matter of time that a knitter who started with chubby yarns finds herself increasingly attracted to slim and wispy yarns--thread thin in the end. Many of you must know what I'm talking about...Poor me, I've just realized that I can no longer walk into a yarn store and end up buying anything over DK weight! Soon I'll be knitting away with spider silk, I suppose?

You can see for yourself--here are some recent additions to my stash--end of summer sales, you know ;-).

Brilla is a cheerful DK yarn, and the generous helping of rayon makes it look and feel like a plastic string. Got the hang of it after some practice. It's pretty in Stockinette stitches and OK in simple cables.

However it's Dolce Amore that I fell for. Soft and sweet 4-ply cotton which lends itself to a variety of stitch patterns.

If you are curious about the cabled knots, well it is a stitch pattern from Elsebeth Lavold's Viking Patterns for Knitting. I'm not a fan of designs with allover cables, simply because they eat up a lot more yarn and appear bulky. Lavold's style is exactly my cup of tea: simple cut, with just enough cables and knots.

Freya (below) currently tops my to do list, though I haven't decided which yarn to use. The pattern has no schematics so I'll have to draw one according to the instructions, then maybe make some changes. I covet bell-shaped sleeves these days!

Finally, have you seen the knitters' responses to Knitting Daily's little sizing survey? Well worth reading, especially for designers--some great suggestions and comments there, such as providing an icon with a pattern to show what kinds of body shapes a design flatters. I am really eager to see IK's it ever possible to make everyone happy?

On the other hand, VK has just started a column by Lily Chin on sizing up (or down) and modifying patterns; I have found the first of the series informative and candid. BTW, my favorite articles from the fall VK are:

1. Vogue Knitting, cover to cover. It's sort of similar to Vogue's Contributors, which I find unpretentious and friendly.

2. Meg's list, A to Z, for it makes a great check list for any knitters who consider themselves experienced.

3. A chat with Barbara Walker. It makes me smile.


Connie said...

Hi Iris,
I was mulling the Brilla too. I'm still not decided yet as to whether I want to get it. I have a camisole idea kicking around in my head that I want to try...

I loved Lily's column in the fall VK too. Very very interesting. She knows so much!

Re: IK sizing. I think it's really hard to make sizing that fits everyone. I'm more petite (small bust, shorter arms) than most people and now that I've started designing, I know to make modifications to a pattern to make something fit me. But I can't expect that designers will or can take into account all body issues. I think knitwear is already much better with offering patterns in a larger variety of sizes. I'm really not sure what more can be done, honestly.

Just call me Ruby said...

Heavens, the list of comments about sizing as a designer scares the hell out of me. I think it really is impossible to provide every knitter with a pattern that is going to give them a perfectly fitted garment but its so disappointing when a garment doesnt meet your expectations. But I just don't see what can be done. I agree with Connie that some modifications to get the perfect fit is something to be expected when making anything 'tailor made'. Certainly as a dressmaker I have always tweaked patterns, lengthened/shortened here and there to perfect the fit.

Also you've got me buying another book again. I've had that one on my wishlist for some time but now I've got to have it.

opportunityknits said...

I like finer gauge yarns too, partly because of my warm weather here and partly because I really can do without the extra bulk :)
As for sizes, It took me a long time, but I think I've finally worked out which size to knit for me to get the fit I want. There's just so much to learn, from the point of view of a knitter who follows patterns.

fleegle said...

I haven''t bought any yarn over DK weight in years. And 99% of my purchases are for lace and socks. Lost my taste for sweaters, but I'll probably swing back in a year or two.

If I see a swseater design I like, I rechart it in Knitware, so I know if will fit me. A sweater is too big an investment in time and money to take a chance on the designer's sizing.

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